Simulation Exercises Teaching Clinical Skills and Knowledge of the Health Effects of Climate Change

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We describe a clinical-skills based approach to teaching medical and public health students the health effects of climate change.  This resource presents eleven simulation exercises used with over 100 students, and reports on the students' work.  Students are eager to learn clinical skills, and existing curricula offer a range of simulated standardized patients and other active learning exercises that could be modified to provide training on climate change. 

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Warren Lavey, JD, MS, adjunct associate professor at the University of Illinois; Holly Rosencranz, MD, FACP, clinical associate professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine

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September, 2018

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  • case study
  • educational materials



really useful applied, case-based teaching resources

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Thank you so much for sharing these teaching resources from Illinois! Feedback from medical students in the UK has also suggested that they favour case-based, applied sustainability learning. So it is great to learn from how you have done exactly this. I like the reverse scenario building exercises!

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