Transformative education for global health

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 09:00 - 17:00

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Does health professional education for global health need to be rethought? Several factors have led to a period of reflection: persisting inequities in health worldwide; increasing transnational and trans-professional interdependency; and convergence of health needs between resource rich and resource poor nations. A compelling case has been made for greater synergy between health and education systems, nationally and globally, notably by The Lancet Commission. Steps need to be taken to educate future health professionals to take responsibility  not only for individual patients and  communities but also for the health systems that serve them.


This one day symposium is an opportunity for students and staff, both educators and researchers,  to contribute actively  to discussions, find out more about work in the field, and to develop  cross-disciplinary links. The organising institutions between them span three key academic communities with a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of global health, international development and health professional education.            

We hope the day will start to build consensus on the challenges and solutions, foster debate  and future collaboration in the area of health professional education in an interdependent world.

Programme – 11.00 - 16.30

Welcome: Prof David Price, Vice Provost Research & Lead, Grand Challenges UCL

Keynotes: Chair: Dr Richard Horton, Editor, The  Lancet

·         Dr Erica Wheeler, WHO

·         Prof Janet Grant,  Open University / FAIMER

·         Case studies: Chair Prof Anthony Smith, Vice Provost Education UCL

1.                               Dr Doug Bourne (IoE/LIDC): Critical global pedagogy for global health – from student to global citizen

2.                               Dr Stuart Anderson (LSHTM): Working together to increase capacity - the International network for doctoral training in health leadership

3.                               Prof Dr Jeff Waage (LIDC) : Distance learning for health: what works

4.                               Mustafa Abbas (UCL): Advancing global health education for multidisciplinary students


a. Design: Education for health systems development: competency based and transformative?

b. Content: moving from international health to global health

c. Delivery:  Approaches to facilitate trans-national learning

Plenary session - summing up & thinking ahead: Richard Horton, Editor, The


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