UK Public Health Registrar Sustainable Development Network - Environmental Sustainability & Public Health Training in the UK

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This report presents what a network of public health registrars in the UK - chaired by Dr. James Smith and Dr. Stephen Dorey - have been doing to accelerate the shift to a more sustainable way of living and working.  It offers examples of work done to make both public health training and work more sustainable.

This report identifies three aspects of public health training where environmental sustainability could be incorporated in the short term:

travel, events and culture of training. Case studies are presented of actions being taken to understand and improve these. In the long-term it is likely that structures and processes of training will need to be redesigned to become sustainable and resilient.

Four areas of public health work are presented to illustrate how public health registrars are influencing a move to a more sustainable society:

• Local public health projects

• Teaching

• Research

• Specialist public health placements and projects

Many of the case studies relate to work public health registrars have led locally to increase environmental sustainability across a range of NHS organisations. This reflects the contexts within which most registrars have been working to date.

The work presented in this report is only a beginning. Collecting these case studies together has been done, not to look back, but to look forward and inspire future action.

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Faculty of Public Health

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February, 2013

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  • case study


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