Hi everybody,please forgive...

Hi everybody, please forgive my not-perfect English, I try to do my best. I am Italian and work in a hemodialysis ward since 10 years. My never-solved problem is what the hell to do with Acid Concentrates (with or without acetic acid) leftovers. It's been discussed in my ward, there was a time when we just used to pour it into the sink, but some collegues moaned about the smell and eventual side effects for health. And now the hospital obliges us to put the bag with the leftovers and the used bicarbonate cartridges in a special bin which goes directly to the incineration ... isn't it crazy to burn a liquid thing??? Is there any kind of official study/documents/reccomendations in Your wards that allow and demonstrate the safety of pouring the concentrates down the sink? I'll be thankfull for all your support and suggestions ... I read your posts and find this site very interesting! Silvia



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