Sustainable Kidney Care Committee

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CSH is excited to announce we have restarted our great work on sustainable kidney care, in partnership with the UK Kidney Association (UKKA) and the Sustainable Healthcare Coalition. Originally named Green Nephrology, the group made groundbreaking progress towards highlighting and improving the sustainability issues in kidney care, including recruiting green representatives in over 80% of UK kidney units, publishing case studies and researching the carbon footprint of dialysis. 

This year, a new Sustainable Kidney Care Committee has been set up within UKKA, with the aim to develop and implement a framework to support UK renal services to meet the NHS net zero goal. The main objective of this committee is to inspire and empower members of the kidney care community to take action for sustainability. The collaboration will work via three work streams: 

  1. Action learning and education (led by Dr Mark Harber and Dr Frances Mortimer (CSH))
  2. Procurement, infrastructure and innovation (led by Dr Suren Kanagasundaram)
  3. Sustainable care pathways (led by Dr Mark Wright)

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