Anaesthetic gas - monitoring practice and motivating change

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An update to a post i entered 8 months ago. Since introducing regular monitoring of our anaesthetic gas usage and encouraging reduced desflurane use we continue to see a steady decline in Desflurane use in our department (see attached quarterly report). This is great news but still we could do better. Great to hear about the appointment of Dr Cathy Lawson as the new CSH Environmental Sustainability Anaesthesia Fellow, congratulations!

Dr Matt Jenks

Dunedin Hospital, NZ


Great work!

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Hi Matt, thanks for posting your update! Its great to see that you have managed to make a change in practice in this way. Do you think it has also encouraged your operating theatre teams to think about other aspects of sustainability too?


Hi Charlotte, i couldnt

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Hi Charlotte, i couldnt honestly say whether it has lead to the anaesthetists thinking about other aspects of sustainability. I have had very little direct feedback! the numbers are heading in the right direction, it may be because of the reports i have been filing or it may be just coincidence. Please see attached a letter to the editor by my colleague at Counties Manukau in Auckland published in Anaesthesia and Intenseve Care. They have been incredibly successful in this area.


Anaesthetic gas - monitoring practice and motivating change

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Thank you Matt for sharing your results so far and the letter you attached.

We are just beginning to look at our data as we proposed 'project drawdown' to our dept sept/oct 2018 (Cardiff)

We are hoping for similar trends to the ones you have seen and it has certainly started a conversation amongst my colleagues, most of whom had no idea that there was such an environmental difference between the agents they use on a daily basis.

It is early days but we are working on developing a Welsh Anaesthesia Green Network and this is definately a key project which could be rolled out in all healthboards across Wales asap, I hope!

Will post our results in the next few months





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