GASP - Greener Anaesthesia & Sustainability Project

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Hi Everybody,

I wanted to tell you all about our group, GASP - The Greener Anaesthesia & Sustainabilty Project. We are an organisation focused on reducing the environmental impact of healthcare through education, engagement, knowledge sharing and lobbying.

We know from experience that sustaining green projects requires a movement and not sole actors. Our group aims to help support projects and educate teams into ways they can green up their practice. Our website gives easily accessible facts on climate change, waste and how healthcare contributes to it.

We aim to work with similar interest groups to work towards our common goal. Check out our website and social media platforms for more info.

Join the Movement:


GASP - Green Anaesthesia & Sustainability Project (Facebook Group)


Many thanks

Jonny Groome

Anaesthetic Registrar & Co-Founder GASP



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Hi Jonny, 

Thank you so much for linking up with the network and sharing your resources. The website looks fantastic - congratulations on getting it out there. I particularly like the 'solutions' pages; they are so clear and accessible. 



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