Introducing team 5 of the Green Surgery Challenge

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We are pleased to introduce the team from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust who will be joining the Green Surgery Conference November 4th as one of the Green Surgery Challenge finalists.

The team was co-led by Surgical Registrars and Clinical Research Fellows Jasmine Winter-Beatty and Jonathan Gan.  Members of the team were Henry Robb, Surgical Core Trainee,  Simon Dryden, Clinical Research Fellow, Institute of Global Health Innovation,  Patricia Ortega, Bariatric Surgery Fellow, Tabetha Granger, Surgical Core Trainee,  Ben Russell, Foundation Year 1 doctor, Sanjay Purkayastha, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon and Senior Clinical lecturer.  Mike Kynoch, Anaesthetic Consultant, gave specialist advice to the team on anaesthetic practice.

The team selected two areas to work on as part of the Green Surgery Challenge; tackling the use of anaesthetic gases by encouraging the use of local anesthesia (LA) with/without sedation for inguinal hernia repair (IHR) instead of general anaesthesia (GA), and reducing the use of single-use consumables by switching from disposable sterile surgical gowns to reusable surgical gowns. These approaches are examples of the third and fourth principles of sustainable clinical practice, ‘lean’ service delivery and low carbon alternatives to existing practices, whilst also reducing operational resource use.

Learn more about their project, here.

Join us at the free, online, Green Surgery Conference to learn more about each of the Green Surgery Challenge projects, including how much carbon was saved. You will have the opportunity to join breakout sessions to scale and spread the challenge's initiatives, gain valuable insights from the panel of judges at the Judging and Awards Ceremony, and network with other members of the surgical community who are interested in sustainable surgical practice.

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