New award for excellence in sustainability: Developing a green anaesthesia agenda

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There is a new award for sustainability in anaesthesia. 

The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland and Barema, the Association for Anaesthetic and Respiratory Device Suppliers, representing companies that manufacture or supply anaesthetic and respiratory equipment in or to the UK, are establishing the Barema & AAGBI Environment Award. This will recognise excellence in sustainability within the speciality and engage with industry partners to further develop a greener anaesthesia agenda.

Applicants will have to demonstrate how their activity, project, campaign or other work (including original research), related to anaesthesia, intensive care or pain management, has had (and will continue to have) a measurable beneficial effect on the environment.

The award will be for the single best initiative or project and will consist of £200 to the individual(s) or body(ies) concerned, in addition to a grant of £800 for support and development of the initiative or project. 

The deadline is April 30th and the award winners will be announced in September.

For further details and an application form please click:

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