Scrub Sink Taps

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Hi All,  OK - so I think this writes itself, but please bear with me.

I am confident that many of us have seen endless gallons of water being wasted at the scrub sink.  Water is a valuable resource.  Except in the UK?

Here in the New Forest, I know a pub that has touch-free taps with a time-out mechanism to reduce waste.  Of course, I wonder why this sort of thing is not standard across NHS theatres.

Has anyone any experience of this?  Many of us may just be thankful when taps work... Hot, Cold or even clean water cannot always be taken for granted; but I propose that pressure could make this sort of thing part of building regulations going forward.

Feedback appreciated,



Surgical Scrubbing

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Hi Ges, 

This is still an issue. We wrote a paper on this a few years ago which might give you a bit of background. It's certainly still a problem which hasn't really been addressed, at least where I work.

Surgical scrubbing: can we clean up our carbon footprints by washing our hands?


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