Soda lime & canisters

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Hi everyone.  I have a slightly niche question that I've been asked by senior theatre nurses and don't have an answer for. 

We are having issues with the supply of disposable canisters.  We do have some reusable ones, but have not been using them due to COSHH implications for staff emtying them.

I wondered if anyone here is uding reusable cannisters or has faced similar supply chain issues and can give me any advice. Thank you!


Reusable Canisters - Risk assessment

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Hi Laura, everyone,

  Revisit your risk assessment that moved you away from refilling.  The Soda Lime granules that are in NHS Supply Chain are fit for use - we just wear gloves and a mask during the process of:

  1. Emptying the used granules into a small clear bag
  2. Place that bag into a clinical waste bag
  3. Rinse and dry the empty canister
  4. Refill and replace canister onto machine.

The granules come in heavy containers.  The Lids are really difficult to undo.  There is scope for poor practice when pouring through irresponsible behaviour or rushing (creating a cloud of dust).  However, a conscientious and well-motivated ODP should be able to refill a soda lime canister without incident.


Hi Gerard, that's really

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Hi Gerard, that's really helpful.  Thank you so much, will pass your advice on.


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