Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Laparoscopic Surgery

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A really interesting article looking at the individual contribution of different methods of ‘greening’ strategies in operating theatres.

It highlights how changes in anaesthetic gas usage can have significant impacts on reducing CO2 emissions. But additionally, it also breaks down the contribution of suggested interventions relating to surgical materials (such as maximizing recycling, reusing towels/drapes/gowns, reprocessing single use devices, using the ‘bare essentials’ of surgical materials). It points out that focusing on recycling alone is unlikely to be the best method.

This could be helpful when looking at how you might be able to have the biggest impact on reducing your own theatres’ carbon footprint.


Am J Public Health. 2018 Apr;108(S2):S158-S164

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April, 2018

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  • information resource



Great - thanks for this

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Great - thanks for this Charlotte. I look forward to reading the article. 

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