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PDF - version of poster of brief overview for Paediatric Physiotherapy community e-bike project with the great support from the Sustainable Healthcare In NwcastlE (SHINE) 

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December, 2021

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  • case study



Thank you for sharing this

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Thank you for sharing this Craig. I havent heard of many other community paediatric services investing in forms of active transport. Did you find many barriers in uptake? Any tips on how to engage others who might not be so confident in using bikes?


I've heard of other teams

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I've heard of other teams across the UK doing it, I believe nursing/midwife teams in the south Cornwell or Devon. 
Initially concerns were around insurance and safety, these were address by the trust and the legal team, as well as discussions/organised bikeability courses for staff that hadn't been on a bike for a number of years. 
We've have had brief spurts of engagement but it's been difficult to maintain- we have encourage paired/supported home visits, as well as encouraging taking the e-bike home to continue/enable flexible working.
We anticipated as the winter sets in the bikes will be used less. We will aim to get the teams views/feedback and I'm informed the SHINE team are looking to develop a case for trust 'pool' bikes for between the three sites in Newcastle.

Hope this helps :) 

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