Atlas on Children's Health and the Environment

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The first of these World Health Organisation reports, Inheriting the World, was published in 2004.  This is new edition, Inheriting a Sustainable World, is a more detailed look at this fundamental area of environmental health. 

Organised around the relevant Sustainable Development Goals, this report charts what's happening to children's health, where the problems are occuring and sets out policy priorities with an eye to other problems that are coming down the track.  It's a beautifully produced document written in fairly plain English. 

We learn that in 2015 addressing environmental risks could have prevented 26% of the deaths of the under fives.  Climate change is identified as one of the 'greatest new threats' to children's health in the form of higher asthma rates, extension of disease vector ranges, interuption to food and water supplies and heat wave which will increase rates of heat stress, renal disease and respiratory illness.

The doccument can be dowloaded at:

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