"Can a Whisper become a Roar" A call to action for the healthcare community

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"As clinicians we are taught to value evidence based interventions that benefit health and wellbeing. We look for the causes of disease and aim to change behaviour to improve outcomes.  We have a scientific approach and are expected to behave in an ethical and equitable way.  We are respected in the community and, as a collective, have a powerful voice. 

Interesting isn’t it that despite this, when it comes to the most important health issues of our generation, we are barely whispering?

Human health is entirely dependent on a healthy environment to provide us with air to breathe, food to eat and water to drink in a habitable climate.  We take this as a given every day and assume it will continue forever.

The problem is that we are destroying the Earths ability to support human life. Climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution are beginning to threaten our very survival."  

This is an extract from a letter published in the BMJ calling on the healthcare community to recognise the critical links between human health and our environment.  It asks us all to consider the power of our collective voice and whether we should be applying this to lobby for meaningful change. Climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution are not inconvenient. They will kill us. It is our responsibility to speak out. 

Read the full article here  https://www.bmj.com/content/363/bmj.k4410/rr-7

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