Drugs on tap- the hidden enivronmental impact of prescription drugs

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How our day-to-day prescribing habits impact the ecosystem- more incentives to reduce unecessary prescribing;


Does anyone know of any decent comparative data on the carbon footprint of individual drugs?



drugs on tap - carbon footprinting pharma

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Hi Christelle

There is no decent (or indecent!) comparative data that we have found but it is much needed. The SDU had a meeting with some pharma companies last autumn to get them on board with starting such a project and has recently asked for tenders for a project to set standards and metrics for pharma footprinting - see  http://www.sdu.nhs.uk/news-events/news/160/Tenders-required-for-experts-in-footprinting-pharmaceuticals-and-medical-devices-  We should know soon who will carry out the project. I have the details for the tender if anyone wants me to send it to them - or I can ask SDU if we can post on here. 

We (CSH) will be doing some comparative work of different interventions (might be drug A vs drug B or might be drug vs alternative) as part of our Sustainable Specialty Programmes - starting with respiratory (COPD) in the next couple of months so we will let you know when we get started on that.  

If anyone has any expertise in this area, or does know of any existing research, it would be great to link up! I'll report back as I learn more...



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Hi there, have a look at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health's website:


And search "pharmaceuticals". 

Someone there may be able to help!


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