Green Impact for Healthcare (GIFH) Toolkit Launch 2020

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Resource Description: 

Please see the new and improved Green Impact for Healthcare (GIFH) Toolkit. This toolkit provides detailed guidance on specific practical actions that GP Practices can take towards environmentally sustainable practice. It's completely free to use but contributions are encouraged to help with the running costs. Each action cites the reasons needed for the action, references the available evidence, and has practical tips to make each task easier. The toolkit has 5 levels of achievement and each can attract an award: Pioneer, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Carbon. The 2020/21 of the toolkit includes a path to net zero carbon by 2030.


The recording of the launch webinar for the GIFH Toolkit 2020/21 will be available soon on the greener practice website:


Publication date: 

October, 2020

Resource type: 

  • educational materials
  • event recording
  • information resource

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