healthy eating for a healthy planet

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The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) has come up with 5 key tips for healthy eating which is good for the planet at

1) Eat more plants – enjoy fruit and veg

2) Waste less food – up to 30% of what is brought home is wasted

3) Eat less meat – Meat, be it red or white, can be a tasty complement rather than just a centre piece of a good meal

4) Eat less processed food – as they tend to be more resource intensive to produce and often contain high levels of sugar, fat and salt

5) Eat certified food – buy food that meets a credible certified standard – like MSC for fish or RSPO for palm oil or RSPCA Freedom Foods for meat and eggs.

Praps but it on a poster in the practice waiting room...has anyone done this already?

Also see - a website dedicated to encouraging people to have at least 1 day off eating meat (Mondays!)

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