The mooncup- greener, cheaper, more reliable

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Just wanted to do a little plug for the mooncup

which I sometimes mention to patients with menorrhagia. This little device means women no longer have to use and throw away multiple tampons and towels every month and it takes the hassle out of periods because women can use it no matter how light or heavy their periods are so they don't have to worry about how many tampons they will need to take with them to places etc.  It works by creating a vacuum and collecting blood inside the vagina like an egg cup. It holds more blood than a tampon and if placed correctly does not leak and there have been no documented cases of TSS with it. It's a little win win in terms of patient's convenience and the green agenda!




I wonder if I could get hold

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I wonder if I could get hold of a demo - I think I could just about initiate that conversation!



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Sure they would love to!

They need boiling after use, so best to advise people to get a couple so one can be cleaned while other used daily. Always sparked interesting conversation when these were simmering away in my student house's kitchen hob!


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