Pretty hot isn’t it?

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This week NHS England escalated their heatwave warning from a level two to a three. Seems like a good time to flag up the resources that I’m aware of that exist to support NHS staff in planning for and dealing with heatwave.

1. The NHS Sustainable Development Unit have a whole page on their website devoted to heatwave with links to documents like the National Heatwave Plan and guidance for health and social care organisations on adapting to climate change:
2. Living With Environmental Change’s report card on climate change and health is an excellent source of very easy to absorb information which includes heatwave and doubles up as a very handy teaching resource:
3. NHS Choices provides a detailed page on coping with hot weather that primary care and public health professionals can direct patients and the public to:
4. Met Office’s Heat Health Watch service, in conjunction with Public Health England, is designed for health professionals:

Please do add others that you know about.

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