RCGP Position Statement on Climate Change and Health

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"The RCGP recognises that the unsustainable use of resources poses a significant challenge to public health in the 21st Century and that human-induced climate change in particular threatens the long term health and well-being of populations in the UK and globally. 

The RCGP confirms its own commitment to moving towards sustainable low-carbon management practices and policies. These include for example reducing consumption of natural resources, sustainable disposal of waste products, more efficient energy usage and reducing the carbon impact of travel. 

RCGP believes that General Practitioners have a responsibility to promote sustainable development and to show leadership by example in tackling climate change. The College will seek ways to inform and support GPs in this responsibility and to influence the wider agenda so that this duty can be exercised without financial detriment to GP practices. 

The RCGP calls on the UK Government to ensure that climate laws are enacted that commit to reducing all of the UK’s climate changing emissions, and include incentives and sanctions to help public bodies such as Primary Care Organisations, hospitals and individual practices to cut emissions."


Royal College of General Practitioners

Publication date: 

May, 2010

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