Research into environmental impact of different forms of contraception

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Hi all,

Hope you're well? I'm a freelance journalist who writes about health & wellbeing – with a special interest in how our health is connected to that of the planet.

I'm keen to explore the carbon footprint/overall environmental impact of different forms of contraception. Obviously, the NHS has the goal of getting to net zero and reducing the footprint of medicine-use is going to be a huge part of that. So given how many people use contracpetion and for how long (30+ years normally, according to stats I've seen) surely this must be a huge area for potential negative or positive impact?

I also think the public are increasingly keen to make greener choices about the things they use every day so I think if they could be informed about the impact of different contraceptives they would be keen to have this info.

However, having started to dig into it, I'm drawing a real blank on any data on the carbon footprint of different options or any research into their environmental impact.

The kind folks as CSH let me join your network so I could post a bit of a shout out here to find out if anyone knows of any research/useful leads in this area? 

I've also read mention of companies potentially developing more eco-friendly contraception – but again no real solid sources. Has anyone heard about this?

If anyone has any leads/info/thoughts they could share I'd really appreciate it. Obviously you can comment here or email me direct on Even if you don't have any data on this but you think it's an interesting topic/one that needs more investigation/coverage I'd be keen to hear from you.

Thanks so much,



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