Say no to tat at Xmas!

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Dear Sustainable Primary Care network colleagues,

It's that time of the year when we are all rushing around frantically buying and gathering things for the home; struggling to find presents which may or may not be appreciated. 

As this is the most commercialized time of the year I thought it was a fitting time to send out a list of websites about companies/organisations which all promote Sustainability in one way or another and I hope they are helpful to you.  Although it’s not easy, and takes a bit more thought, I have been trying really hard to always consider the most eco-friendly, sustainable options in the choices I make.  Healthcare professionals have a powerful voice and we can lead by example and choose these more Sustainable options.  Over time hopefully culture will shift so that more and more people will follow our lead!

Sally get milk and local organic fruit and veg brought to your door  - working towards sustainable travel, influence your local transport plans  - working towards sustainable food  -  info re how you can recycle - info re teleconferencing to reduce travel  - Gives advice on urban design, public space and architechture  - buy your family ethical/eco friendly gifts  - As usual you haven’t a clue what to get Aunt Mavis for Xmas so why not get her a virtual gift to save the bees! - bit of everything – for cosmetics - for cosmetics  - for sustainable products and travel – get rewards for using the train instead of flying! - sustainable cleaning products - even sustainable weddings! - friends of the earth - grow organic - compassion for world farming - what can you recycle in your area -eat seasonally - what is seasonal now  - buy on ebay but for charity!– learn more - get your kids involved - for holidays. Links to hotels/B and B’s who strive to be low carbon




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