Waiting Room Resources

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I have recently established a display board for patients in my GP surgery waiting room explaining about Sustainability and its relevance to health. The display has ideas for how individuals can become more sustainable as well as healthier. It also has posters from local relevant community projects / groups. 

In particular I found the following websites to be really useful in assembling the display. 

Energy Saving Trust - has a good poster on 'how to use the car less' as well as being a fantastic resource for people to save energy in their homes, with info on grants etc

World Wildlife Fund - has a good summary about sustainability, a page on eating well for the environment and they arrange Earth Hour (which was on 31st March)

National Trust - 'Outdoor Gym' - page on exercising freely and with no environmental footprint in the outdoors



waiting room resources

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Hi Annie,

Are you able to upload the documents you devised for the waiting room for others to use?



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