On your bike!

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"No time for the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day? But have you got time for illness? Physical inactivity is a major risk factor for cancer and a bigger risk factor for coronary heart disease than smoking, hypertension, or obesity..."

I was just reminded of this article in the BJGP by Annie Elkins, Severn GP Sustainability Scholar in 2011-12.

Maybe this is a good time of year for GPs to start tuning up their bikes again?!


British Journal of General Practice

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September, 2012

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or on your feet!

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This is a great article and although it is written with GP's in mind, much of the travel of inpatient or even community psychiatrists could be done on a bike! The benefits extend beyond physical health too, and include clear psychological benefits, an important consideration for psychiatrists and GP's, especially if they want to be role-models for their patients and do themselves what they advise their patients to do.

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