Blue, brown and now green

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Useful information resource / infographic about different inhalers and the main differences between them - including environmental impact.

Could be helpful in teaching...


Dawn Connelly. Blue, brown and now green. The Pharmaceutical Journal, June 2020, Vol 304, No 7938, online | DOI: 10.1211/PJ.2020.20208093



The Pharmaceutical Journal

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June, 2020

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  • information resource



Really useful, thank you!

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Really useful, thank you! Especially useful to know that for those patients who require a LAMA or LABA/LAMA, but can't generate the in-flow for a DPI, the soft-mist inhalers provide an option that is lower carbon than an MDI but uses the same inhalation technique. And also really like the infographic showing the effect of different measures to reduce environmental impact of inhalers.  


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Thanks for this link. We have been trying to work on this as part of the Green Impact for Health program

As part of this we created a poster based on our local formularly as a reminder of which inhalers are most and least environmentally friendly.

I can't see a way to attach the psoter to this comment but would be happy to share via email if anybody would find it helpful.

Blue, brown and now green

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Hi Craig, would be very pleased if you could email me your poster- Thanks. Margaret

Poster for inhalers and sustainability

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In Newcastle we've also created a poster, it's not based on a formulary and it's to guide prescribers, aimed at secondary care but could be applicable in primary care - also happy to share this with others if you email me

Yes please Sarah, I have sent

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Yes please Sarah, I have sent you a direct message with my email address, thanks!

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