Breathing the fresh air of co-benefits

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Recently it feels like air pollution's spread beyond the concern of those who care about public health to become a more mainstream issue. It's getting a lot of press, what with the good work of Client Earth etc. This week the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change launched their report on the steps that can be taken to improve air quality and tackle climate change - and hey, why not do both if you can?

The report makes six recommendations for legislators and the health sector:

1. Increase cross-departmental collaboration to promote a joined-up approach
2. Phase-out coal power stations by 2025
3. Expand existing clean air zones and extend their use to other cities
4. Better monitoring of air pollution in areas were vulnerable populations are concentrated
5. Retain or improve air quality standards that current EU regulations afforded us
6. Better inform and support health professionals to take local action and provide advice to patients.

The report is available at:

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