Green Ward Competition at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

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Dartford and Gravesham's second Green Ward Competition will be launched on NHS Sustainability Day.  With the support of CSH clinical staff, teams will develop their own approaches to resource efficient and greener healthcare and in doing so will assist the Trust in reducing its carbon footprint. 

Last year at staff at the Trust planned and ran a wide range of projects including those on medicines waste, dry powder inhalers, pathology waste and an analysis of converting the insertion of cardiology implantable loop recorders to LINQ, reducing the impact on patients, finances and the environment.  One of the teams fed back that 'by undertaking this project, we can see how small changes can have an immediate impact on our sustainability’ and another noted that ‘the trust could save thousands of pounds if the entire hospital adopted this approach’

At Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, supporting clinical staff to develop low carbon approaches to clinical practice is seen as a vital part of a systemic and impressive approach to carbon reduction.  The Green Ward Competition sits is central to their behaviour change work and sits alongside the Trust’s new Combined Heat and Power plant, a lighting upgrade and renewable energy work.  

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