NICE inhaler decision aid - feedback anyone?

Frances Mortimer's picture

Does anyone have experience of using the NICE patient decision aid for inhalers (which includes a section on environmental impacts)? It would be really useful to know how people have found it.

Has it changed any conversations either with patients or colleagues?



Thank you!

Jennifer Nixon's picture

Thanks so much for signposting me to this decision aid. Although using it in a busy clinic or on a post-take ward round is unlikely to be practical, it provides a useful framework for us to think about how we discuss inhaler choices with patients. Really heartened to see that environmental factors included, and in an easy to understand way. 

Perhaps something we could print off for patients to take away if they want to consider their choices, or even better a web-page to signpost them to. Although perhaps a slightly more streamlined one would be needed if we were giving it to patients to use away from the clinic. 

Definitely could change conversations with colleagues, I will certainly feel better equipped to discuss and sometimes question my consultants and colleagues choices of inhaler. 


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