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    Paul Fisher Chemical Hazards and Poisons Devision, Health Protection Agency
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    Beverley Anderson Programme Manager Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership
  • Fabiola Martin's picture
    Fabiola Martin Senior Clinical Lecturer in HIV Medicine University of York, York Foundation Trust
  • Chris Bem's picture
    Chris Bem Consultant ENT & Neck Surgeon, Health Ecologist Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust
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    Mustafa Abbas Medical Student
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    Jennifer Bell Connect & Wellbeing Facilitator Carlisle Eden Mind
  • Kathryn Worthington's picture
    Kathryn Worthington Staff Nurse Salford Royal NHS Trust
  • Catherine O'Shea's picture
    Catherine O'Shea Sustainability Officer Western Health
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    Sarah Bloor Energy Officer UHNM
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    Chris Day Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University
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    Rob Cornish Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
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    Naomi Gilbert Innovations researcher Action on Postpartum Psychosis
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    Frances Flint Community Engagement Worker Mental Health Matters
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    Nicoladugay Owner Un-limited
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    Leyla Quality Assurance
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    John Leah Course Leader for Health and Wellbeing University of Worcester