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    Helena Shovelton Chief Executive of British Lung Foundation British Lung Foundation
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    Prof J P Majra Professor in Community Medicine, Research in public health and medical education BPS Government College for Women, Sonipat, Haryana, India
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    richard henderson sustainability manager gsk
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    Lucy Bramwell Policy and Parliamentary Manager British Lung Foundation British Lung Foundation
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    Sarah Bloor Energy Officer UHNM
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    Linda van Ingen Independent Writing Professional Linda van Ingen Writing Services
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    Vincent Mak Clinician
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    Fiona Harte Prescription Medicine Boehringer Ingelheim
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    Gizelma Rodrigues Hospitality Manager - Gerente de Hospedagem Hospital Sírio Libanês
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    chedly hemodialyse selectdial clinique hemodialyse monastir tunisie
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    Frances MacGuire Visiting Research Fellow SHREG University of Leeds
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    Robert Winter National Clinical Director, Respiratory Programme Department of Health
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    Tracy Palmer Nurse NHSE
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    Helen Maher Estates Manager for Environmental Services HSE
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    Sarah Kearney BLF Respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialist Isle of Wight NHS Primary Care Trust
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    Gina Barnett IM&T/QOF Coordinator Belle Vale Medical Practice