Sustainability in Quality Improvement learning resources

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Sustainability has been recognised as a domain of quality in healthcare, and building it into quality improvement (QI) is a practical way to drive incremental change towards a more ethical, sustainable health system.

The SusQI website is packed full of useful, free resources for running a sustainable QI project, as well as an educator pack with template teaching sessions.

Alternatively, you can access the following learning resources which have been developed by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare with grant funding from North Bristol NHS Trust.  Based on the "SusQI Framework"*, they are designed to help learners to:

  1. Set sustainable goals for a quality improvement project.
  2. Recognise the use of environmental and social resources in a current service, and identify opportunities to improve. 
  3. Design a project using sustainability principles (prevention, empowerment, lean pathways, low carbon alternatives) to achieve the greatest benefit.
  4. Measure the impact of a project on sustainable value.

*Sustainability in quality improvement: redefining value.  Mortimer F, Isherwood J, Wilkinson A, Vaux E. Future Healthcare Journal, 2018 Vol.5(2):88-93

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Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Publication date: 

March, 2017

Resource type: 

  • educational materials
  • measurement tool / template


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