Tuesday 26th August 2014

Since 2008 the WHO has shown leadership in raising awareness of the threats posed by climate change to health. There is now an urgent need to advance a more concrete and systematic approach to implementing health protection, led by the health community, in coordination with others.

The two main topics to be discussed at the conference are:

  • Strengthening health system resilience to climate risks
  • Promoting health while mitigating climate change

Case studies of teaching on climate & sustainable healthcare in medical schools 2011-12

This document has a set of case studies from UK medical schools that have been trying out ways of teaching medical students about the links between climate, sustainability and health.  Most of the ones included are SSCs (student-selected components) apart from Liverpool, which has integrated

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare
March, 2013
Monday 5th March 2012

Come and find out about the work of the Climate and Health Council www.climateandhealth.org and how you can get involved!

This is a great opportunity for us to think about how the SHE network and the Climate and Health Council can support each other's work.

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