Tuesday 17th May 2022

Environment change has been called as the greatest 21st century public health threat. In addition to warming temperatures on the planet, increasing scale and frequency of natural disasters, there has been an increasing erosion of biodiversity. All of these have implications on health and healthcare delivery, with the greatest impact on the disadvantaged populations. Health systems also contribute to environmental degradation. Sustainable healthcare requires a whole of society approach to adaptation and mitigation mechanisms. 

Wednesday 14th April 2021

Training event hosted by the London Sustainable Healthcare Network


Sustainability and the NHS
Dr David Pencheon 
Director, NHS Sustainable Development Unit

Sustainability in Nephrology
Dr Frances Mortimer
Medical Director, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Interactive breakout sessions on Sustainable Quality Improvement
Including dialysis, outpatient and inpatient care    

Green Nephrology review article

John Agar and Katherine Barraclough have produced a fantastic review looking at the impacts of environmental change on kidney health as well as the environmental damage caused by kidney services (especially dialysis) and strategies to mitigate this. 

Nature Reviews Nephrology
February, 2020
Friday 24th September 2010

Registrations have opened for this one-day event to celebrate and build upon the achievements of the Green Nephrology project in 2009-10.

Tuesday 2nd June 2009

Dr Charlie Tomson, consultant nephrologist from Southmead Hospital in Bristol, will be giving a guest presentation on green nephrology to the technical session of this year's BRS conference.

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