Wednesday 6th October 2021

Education for Sustainable Healthcare - Co-creating our Planetary Health

The Medical Schools Council is hosting a conference looking at the response of medical schools to the climate and ecosystem crisis. Participants should expect lively discussion and interaction during this unique event. We will have presentations ranging from medical students involved in the declaration of climate and ecological emergency, to examples of how medical schools are implementing the GMC’s requirement for sustainability teaching.

Teaching and learning of sustainable healthcare in the medical education curriculum

Congratulations and thanks to SanYuMay for this extremely helpful article summarising current knowledge on how sustainable healthcare can be incorporated into the medical curriculum.

Free downloads are available via the green PDF button on the link below.

Medical Teacher
June, 2019

A new role for anaesthetists in environmentally sustainable healthcare?

Our article published today! "The contribution of anaesthesia to the environmental impact of healthcare is significant and visible, but amenable to change. We believe that this places anaesthetists in an ideal position to lead educational initiatives on environmental sustainability."

C. L. Shelton, S. C. McBain, F. Mortimer, S. M. White. Anaesthesia.
March, 2019

Internationally relevant learning objectives in SHE: Building an environmentally accountable medical curriculum through international collaboration

Background: Global environmental change is associated with significant health threats. The medical profession can address this challenge through advocacy, health system adaptation and workforce preparedness.

July, 2017


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