LEAF Accreditation to Become Compulsory for UKRI, Wellcome and CRUK Funded Labs

Rachael Ward
Rachael Ward • 17 June 2024

The news that LEAF Accreditation is to become compulsory for CRUK, Wellcome and UKRI-funded labs is a cause for celebration! 🎉🎉🎉


The UKRI, CRUK and Wellcome funding bodies are signatories on the newly released Concordat for the Environmental Sustainability of Research and Innovation Practice. This means that as of 2025 they will expect all labs in receipt of their funding to meet minimum sustainability standards. In practical terms this means that LEAF accreditation will become compulsory. 

Many WIMM labs are already signed up for LEAF, which is great news.  If your lab still has to do so, take the opportunity to get ahead of the game and sign up for LEAF at WIMM day.

If you have any questions on the LEAF Accreditation contact one of our network co-leads.

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