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My name is Andrea Marelli. I’m an Italian critical care nurse working in Belgium (Nivelles, Jolimont Hospital) and I’m also following a Public Health Master at UC Louvain.
During my professional career, I first worked in one of the biggest hospital in the northern part of Italy (Niguarda Hospital, Milan) and then for many years I took part in different humanitarian missions with MSF, ICRC and other international NGOs in different complicated contexts. Two years ago I left my last position in MSF (Nursing Care adviser for MSF Belgium) in order to start my MPH.
I’m very interested in the climate change topic and especially in the link between climate change and health care. I think climate change should be a big priority and I’m very concerned by the fact that within the health care sector things are moving so slowly.


Nivelles Hospital (Belgium)


ICU Nurse - MPH student

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