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Physiotherapist who works with research and education within rehabilitation medicine. I teach in all courses of the masters programme in physiotherapy at Dalarna University and in some courses in the physiotherapy programme at University of Gothenburg. I teach about physical activity, lifestyle change and public health with a focus on sustainable development (i try my best to include sustainable development in all my teaching).

I am an elected representative in the Swedish physiotherapy association where I have started an initiative together with dedicated colleagues, to push for action in sustainability issues. Together with my dedicated colleagues I have also started #physiotherapistsforfuture to support #fridaysforfuture and a growing number of physiotherapists interested in sustainability issues now do climate manifestations every friday and share articles and information on climate change and health in our social media forums (Instagram, Facebook and twitter) and we suggest actions to inspire physiotherapists as a profession to take a leadership role in sustainable development within our health care system.


University of Gothenburg, Institute of neuroscience and physiology. Dalarna University, masters programme in physiotherapy


researcher and teacher

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