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I am a music therapist based in Wales and since I qualified in 2003 I've worked with children and adults, in setting such as schools, hospitals, and care homes. I am a supervisor and have been involved with music therapy training courses, and I am the chair of the Wales Arts Therapies Advisory Forum which is a group supporting all arts therapists in Wales. I currently work in colleague wellbeing for a Welsh charity working to end youth homelessness and homelessness for women.

Since childhood I've been passionate about environmental issues and I have always aimed to work as a music therapist in the most sustainable way possible. The primary ways that I've done this is to make use of instruments and equipment that my workplace already has or source them second-hand, and to make sure I can get to work on my bike or by public transport. Sometimes this has meant buying second-hand instruments upfront and leaving them at a workplace so I can regularly cycle with a rucksack of handheld percussion in my pannier, and sometimes it's meant a negotiation of train timetables and constant access to waterproofs. However complicated it has looked at the start, and whatever the weather, I've always felt more alive and awake when arriving at work by bike than if I've had to sit in a car in a traffic jam. Often it's quicker than driving as well. I'd love to encourage more people to imagine that they could get to work without a car, and then discover the multitude of health, mental health, and environmental benefits that come with not driving regularly!

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