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I work at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals - paediatric Physiotherapist, now re-training into advance paediatric critical care.
Our trust was the first health care and large organisation to confirm a climate emergency and devise a report and plan ( before the gov). As part of this it has over 220 "Green Champions" and recently trained "Green Ambassadors". It has also designated £50,000 to a "Climate Emergency Action Fund (CEAF)" last year and again this year! I put forward an idea for e-bikes for community staff to carry out home visits within paediatrics, we are in the process of making this into a business case to widen this service.
I am keen to link up with and wish the CSP/HCPC and other AHP governing bodies and journals to do more to develop community lifestyles and better climate health habits.


The Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Teaching Hospitals


trainee Advance Paediatric Critical Care Practioner

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