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My name is Federica Pirro and I am an Italian nurse, living and working in Dublin (Ireland) since 2016. In 2019, I became a mother of two and started to worry about climate change and my children's' future. So, I started to study about climate change and the impacts on human health, as well as sustainable healthcare. In February 2021, I joined the “Green and Sustainability Committee” of my hospital, as representative of the Perioperative Department and the only registered nurse. Since then, I have been able to start few sustainable initiatives to promote a “greener OT” and perform some education sessions to my colleagues in theatre and for emergency responders of the Italian Red Cross in Turin (Italy), my birth place. . I also have a Master Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology and a working background in international cooperation, prevention and health promotion, and I deeply understand the connection between human health, the environment, social and cultural aspects. I am also a current Nurse Climate Champion for the Nurse Climate Challenge Europe network (HCWH), and I am deeply committed to increasing awareness on sustainable healthcare principles and climate sensitivity into the healthcare sector


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