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I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse specialising in children, young people and families having qualified in 1993. I currently work as a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at the University of the West of England. I am deeply affected by concerns about impending climate catastrophe (I'm not keen on 'climate change' - I feel that it minimises the danger that we're in and the need for immediate drastic action) on a personal and professional level. I feel that the heightened risk of environmental, economic and social collapse represents the defining Public Health crisis of of time. I'm currently working on a paper to propose moving beyond discourse on 'sustainability', which has failed to engage people fully enough, and into teaching students about what we are facing, supporting them to work through the inevitable emotional and psychological impact and on to engaging in meaningful action, personally and professionally.
It's feeling like a really tall order and like some help please.

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