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Hello, I'm an Independent Occupational Therapist working in the South West. I work mainly in Housing and environmental adaptations, from minor to major, recommending bespoke equipment and I also provide interventions in moving and handling, posture, seating, and addressing anxiety, low mood. Accessibility, Part M building regs and Inclusive Design.

My interest area at the current time is how our occupational lives will change given the political (and more importantly) environmental breakdown, that we as a planet, are experiencing at the moment. After reading around the current IPCC report and other documents it is clear that our occupational lives will change, perhaps beyond recognition, in the not too distant future and in many ways are changing now. I believe that Occupational Therapists are very well placed to help support people in coming to terms with the truth of our situation but my fear is that many people will be overwhelmed as people are beginning to wake up (Ecological Grief etc). Supporting people in sustainable occupation to protect our world and each other whilst honouring meaningful occupation for the individual.

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