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I look after a project called 'Connect', which was constructed on the basis that:- > there is evidence that 70+% of GP's would prefer not to prescribe anti-depressants, if they had a suitable alternative available. > We have a strength-based, person-centred, wellbeing approach at Carlisle Eden Mind and want to offer and provide flexible, suitable support that reflects our values. I believe that the single most significant factor in mental health and wellbeing is autonomy. Being 'done to' can be disabling and disempowering and certainly doesn't encourage that person to feel their own strengths, more positive self-esteem and greater resilience. Other factor matter too. Chronic isolation shortens lives. At Carlisle Eden Mind we believe in the importance of community and are supporters of an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach. References:- “The introduction of social prescribing both as a concept and a service in our locality has been a catalyst for enabling us to think much more creatively and holistically about addressing people’s wide-ranging mental health and social care needs within a non-stigmatising and empowering approach. The principles associated with social prescribing now underpin our developing commissioning intentions for mental health.” (NW Commissioner - Social prescribing for MH – a guide to commissioning and delivery – CSIP) Research by the Mental Health Foundation found that 78% of GPs had prescribed an antidepressant in the previous three years, despite believing that an alternative treatment might have been more appropriate. It also found that, of the whole sample, 66% had done so because a suitable alternative was not available, 62% because there was a waiting list for the suitable alternative, and 33% because the patient requested antidepressants. Of the GPs surveyed, 60% said they would prescribe antidepressants less frequently if other options were available to them (Mental Health Foundation 2005).


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