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I have equipped with the various skills and knowledge and collected
potential experiences which can contribute to the department. My previous
experiences and specific area of expertise such as a RATOS model and 3P
awareness strategy may support to enhance the department. During my academic and
professional career, I have developed my own working model, which I call
RATOS (Research, Advocacy, Teaching/Training, Organisational Building
and Social Mobilisation). I, presumably, work under the philosophical
underpinning of these five elements. I have a firm belief that RATOS could
be adapted to influence policymaking in the public health arena. I have also
developed a `3P' awareness strategy where the P stands for Policymaker,
Professionals and People/Public. This is a broader disciplinary model which
can be fitted in any disciplines. To achieve the different objectives such as
to increase the service demand from the community, efficient management,
fundraising from the local community and increase the volume of
international students in the University/college/school or business
customers, this model would be the best approach to achieve the targets.

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