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I am back home in the NHS after 6 years in local authorities from when Public Health was fractured and stripped from the NHS at every level.  I am unusual in having a job in a Commissioning Support Unit, another of the fragments which resulted from the break-up of Primary Care Trusts, and my focus is on clinical policy development and Individual Funding Requests.  My day job has nothing to do with environmental sustainability and nothing was going on when I joined in April.  Since then I have established a virtual team (we are multi-site), I wrote an Environmental Statement, which the Board approved unanaimously and now some senior managers have been given responsilbity for delivery (Estates, Procurement) and i’m doing some fairly tokenistic things like trying to get a few trees planted in the lawn outside the building where I work.

Previously I instituted a whole health economy Environmental Management System in Wigan, eventually leading to the Community Trust (Bridgewater) gaining ISO 14001, the first NHS Community trust to do so.

i don’t accept friend requests on Facebook or LinkedIn from people I don’t know, so if you want to make contact go through Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit. :)


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