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I currently work as a Lecturer in Nursing and Programme Lead for Advanced Clinical Practice at the University of Birmingham ( College of Medicine and Dentistry and Institute for Clinical Sciences). Previously, I worked at Plymouth University, focusing broadly on nursing education with an emphasis on public health nursing in particular. Towards my teaching qualification I worked with public health, social work and nursing colleagues to enhance our students' placement learning opportunities about community development approaches to health improvement. This led to a wider placement for public health nurses, which aimed to improve children and families access to and use of outdoor green spaces. In turn, this supported small-scale research capacity building in public health nursing, later resulting in a Woodland Health for Youth (WHY) project, in partnership with colleagues in primary school education and public health nursing. Working collaboratively with Plymouth University, I continue to engage with sustainability teaching for healthcare professionals, including undergraduate nurses, multi-professional postgraduate students and international students. I look forward to further engagement with the Green Nurse Network and NurSus.EU - working together for more sustainable healthcare.

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