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Semi-retired Exeter GP with a passion for reconnecting health with community and the natural environment. General Practice is on its knees as is the hospital sector. However, most of what we see is social "dis"ease.

Most of your health and wellbeing is having someone to love, to feel valued, to have friends, eat vegetables, love around, have some hobbies and to end your life with dignity in the place of your choosing. By having a new team of community link workers in the surgery and the community, the social issues can be redirected away from the medical sector to where the issues can be properly addressed.

We need to tap into the social capital that already exists, and help bridge the current chasm between health, community and the natural world. This would free up much time for issues that really need the help of a doctor.

We need to be lobbying the CCG/STP to invest in this prevention strategy- promoting health and wellbeing at the grass roots.

It is likely to be the single most effective innovation in the new NHS. Better for the individual, the family, the community, the medical profession, society and indeed, the planet.

I am a keen advocate of the important role of Patient Groups (PPG) in helping bridge this gap, and by working together, to lobby the CCG/STP to prioritise and promote this strategy.

Appointed "Ambassador for Sustainability and Health- SW England"- by PHE and NHSE South England Feb 2017
Happy to be contacted if you think I can help with anything.

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