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Dr Nick Cooling is the Director of Internationalisation and Global Health & Senior Lecturer in Medical Practice at the School of Medicine, University of Tasmania. He has worked in medical education for over15 yrs, including as Director of Training of the GP Training Program in Tasmania for 8 yrs.
His work career has included pharmacology research (metabolism of drugs by the cytochrome P450 system) , clinical dietetics, general practice in both international, rural and urban settings and clinical allergy practice.
His research interests include allergy (especially aeroallergens and food), global health, climate change, internationalisation of the curriculum, student mobility, academic detailing, clinical reasoning, behaviour change for doctors and their patients, intercultural communication and consulting skills. He has published 25 papers in a range of disciplines
His clinical work has entirely been in adult and paediatric allergy in private practice in Hobart over the past 8 years. Prior to this he worked in general practice with a specific interest in allergy over 28 yrs.

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