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Pranav Jayaraman is an MPH Candidate at UTHealth's School of Public Health. He earned his B.S.A. Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Austin. While previously conducting research, measuring the coevolution of cognitive tradeoffs in poeciliid fish, he decided to pursue a different field of research interests. From his time as a member in UT's Campus Environmental Center's Half-Pint Prairie he garnered an additional interest in sustainability and the role of the environment in health outcomes. Since then has begun research in the field of sustainability in healthcare, a multifaceted issue that includes addressing problems such as the release of mercury and dioxins (from the incineration of medical waste), potable water usage, green spaces, clinical operations efficiency, and overall use of synthetic materials and plastics. He currently conducts process analysis at UT's University Health Services to identify opportunities to cut waste make healthcare delivery more sustainable. Pranav intends to attend medical school to become a physician that in addition to providing clinical care can plan interventions and help build climate resiliency in communities.

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